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Emails not attaching and slowing down Outlook

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Emails not attaching and slowing down Outlook

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I'm having an issue with one of our users pursuant to attaching emails to ACT history.  We're using ACT2 2010, and there is a progress window that shows up in the taskbar if there are unattached emails.  It has 3 tabs (Progress, NOt Attached Messages and Advanced).  On this particular user's computer, his progress window shows the message "attempting to attached 172 of 589 emails...".  It is grinding through the attempt and creating a slowdown in Outlook that is unmanageable.  His log file on the Advanced tab is set to purge records which are older than 1 day, but he's still showing unattached emails back as fare as March and April of 2010.  I don't know how to make it stop!  Any suggestions?


Christi Kearns


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Christine Kearns, Office Manager
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Re: Emails not attaching and slowing down Outlook

There are some help files on this, but I wrote a blog article with the basics:


Hope it helps - email me if anything is not clear...

Richard Brust
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