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Emailing my Contact List?

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Emailing my Contact List?

Is it possible to email my contact list so I can open while on the road and send it back to my main computer?
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Re: Emailing my Contact List?

You can either setup something called syncronization where you have you main database at office and a remote database that is an copy of the main on your laptop, you work on your remote database while out of the office and then when you come back, hook up to the network and syncronize, sending everything that has been done on your remote to the main database and everything that has been done in the office to the remote, syncronizing both databases.
Or for an easy solution, in the contact list, clcik on the export to excel icon (4th from right on the tool bar) save the excel sheet and attach it to an email.
For more into on syncronization:
article id 15192