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Emailing Selected Group/Company Contacts

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Emailing Selected Group/Company Contacts

I am using Act 11.0 with Outlook as my email client. 


Is it possible to select certain Company or Group Contacts and send an email just to them?  For example, if I Ctrl-Click to highlight less than all the contacts under the Contacts tab, there does not appear to be a right-click option to email just those persons.  If I click the Email button, a new Outlook message is created To:  ALL the Company/Group contacts, not just the ones I have highlighted.  Then I have to go through the cumbersome and error-prone process of deleting the contacts I do not want to include.  It seems to me this is a pretty basic functionality that should be available somewhere in the program.


Also, what about creating various email distribution lists for a particular group/company?  Is that available somewhere?


Thank you.





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Re: Emailing Selected Group/Company Contacts

Always Remember; Backup your ACT! Database Daily and before making major changes!





One way;

Create your lookup of those you wish to email or mail, etc..

then use the ACT! Write from Template feature on your tool bar

 ex; Write email message ( from template)

    or Letter  or eNewsletter etc...


You should get the idea from there? Hope so.


Cheers - FSB


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Re: Emailing Selected Group/Company Contacts

You have to create a Lookup first. Using the Contact List and the Tag Mode, (at the top of the Contact List) scroll through your contacts and click on each one you one to send the email to. Then right click in the Contact List and choose "Look up selected Contacts". Then use the Write / Mail Merge menu to start the mass email. (I then make that lookup into a Group and name it for the specific mass email in case I ever want to just email to those same contacts in the future.) 

Of course, you have to create the email template first in the Write / New Letter-Email Template menu and write up your mass email and save it as a .ADT file. Then when you are ready to send the email you will use that template. Don't forget to include something in the "Subject" line or the email will go out without a Subject.