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Email templates and campaigns

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Email templates and campaigns

We're looking to implement an email marketing campaign and need some help advice with setting it up. We need professional templates we can modify with our images, send locally from Outlook, track who we sent to and when, but we'd like to not be seen as spamming. We also know to limit the number of emails to less than 300 per group (our ISP advised). So how do we do the opt-in / opt-out professional email response that anti-spammers need? Can ACT handle the opt-out but keep the email in the database for order confirmations etc. Is there an email marketing flag that can be set or not?


For example Templatekingdom offer some quick professional looking templates, which we think we can send from ACT using outlook, with the images being linked to and hosted from templatekingdom. The platinum feature has opt-out feature but are curious how the 'opt-out' is handled - does this update a field in the database? Anyone any experience with this?







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Re: Email templates and campaigns

The Swiftpage add-on is what I see a lot of people using for this function. This interface comes as part of the program in ACT! 2010 and is branded as ACT! E-Marketing. You would still need to pay for the subscription service.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Email templates and campaigns

I use SwiftPage, and it does all you specify.  A further benefit is the 300 limit your ISP stated - which does not apply since you will be using the SwiftPage system, not your email server.  It handles all the opt-outs, has killer online reports, and integrates quite a bit of information directly into ACT! (it has it's own tab).  Download the trial and check it out - I think the trial allows 50 emails to be sent, which will show you the integration/tracking/etc.  Good luck...
Richard Brust
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Re: Email templates and campaigns

Swiftpage is the perfect solution and integrates with ACT!. I use this solution to send out e-mail marketing and Swiftpage takes care of the opt in/out automatically.
Jason Okrepkie
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