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Email message from template to groups not using Mail Merge

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Email message from template to groups not using Mail Merge

Act 2010

Outlook 2003

Windows 7 64bit

Act User since 1993


My goals:


A. To send an email to everyone in a “predefined” group

B. To send it BCC


I'm sure I'm just missing something!!!


Here are the steps I do


  • Go to Groups
  • Select the group I want (it has been filtered with the criteria I set in place)
  • I go to Write>email message from template>Choose my template
  • The email is now ready to send


It only shows the first contact of the group in the “to” field. The template works great but my goal would be to send it to all the people in the “predefined” group. Isn't that the purpose of making groups so you don't have to “re-invent” the group each time?


I see no option in this template procedure to send to all the recipients in the group or automatically BCC the group. I do see the option to “choose” my contacts from the BCC (or “to”) button.


I also have read everything on this forum I could find about BCC and the responses seem clunky for such an advanced program. Please don't tell me to use Swiftpage because I would like to do this in Act.


I have tried to write an email without a template and it does populate the “to” field with all the names in my group but according the answers on this board I would have to highlight the names in the “to” field and drag them to the BCC field. This does work for me, although I'm having a hard time accepting that Act would not have a provision for sending a group email BCC (without dragging the names to the BCC field) That procedure also doesn't seem to allow me to use my template.


I have tried Mail Merge but this does not work for me. The email template has everything in it except the date I will be arriving. I need to add this date to the final body of the email which works great for me. (same with a signature)


Just tell me if emailing a template to a group is not possible and I will move on.







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Re: Email message from template to groups not using Mail Merge

Im trying to figure this out too...did you ever get an answer to this??