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Email issues migrating from ACT6 to ACT2010

Tuned Listener
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Email issues migrating from ACT6 to ACT2010

In the process of looking to migrate from ACT6 to ACT2010 and we've done a preliminary test migration of the database etc but hit a couple of issues, both to do with email. I should add that email organisation history is very important to our use of ACT - associating a detailed email history to a contact is right at the core of how we work as a business and so it's vital that this can continue to work OK. And the other key point is that in the past we've always used IM as email client.


The two issues are:


1. The email history from the ACT6 contact database did migrate across to ACT2010 but every old email seems to have been turned into an attachment to a new blank email in the contact history in the new database. This is actually pretty irritating because it means that to view an old email now you have to (i) double-click on the blank email to open it; and then (ii) double-click on the attachment to open that. So a simple one-step process turns into a longer two-step process with double the number of windows open.


Have I missed some simple way of getting the email history to open in the single-step way that it used to?


2. We have quite a large volume of old emails that weren't associated with specific contacts but which were organised into separate mailbox folders. None of these have been migrated across to the new ACT2010 installation.


Is there a way of making these old emails available in the new ACT environment?


Many thanks for any pointers.