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Email Setup

Copper Contributor
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Email Setup

Every time I start ACT up in the morning I have to go through the email setup procedure again. Why doesn't it remember the settings?
Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Email Setup

Need more  info please.


What version of ACT! are you using.


What email option are you using?  ACT! Email   or   Outlook?

  If outlook is used as your default email, what version?  2003? 2007?


If using ACT! email, are you using a webmail account   or  pop3 ?


Can you elaborate more the the exact nature of the problem?  Why do you have to reconfigure your ACT! email setup?

Thanks - FSB

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Posts: 8
Country: Canada

Re: Email Setup

I'm using ACT 2009, Version 11

I'm using the Outlook email option and its Outlook 2007


When I start up ACT and try to send an email to a contact it tells me that my email is not setup. So I go through the setup procedure and it works.  The next day when I start the program up again it doesn't seem to keep those settings and tells me that my email is not set up again.