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Email Message Content in History

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Email Message Content in History

ACT Version: Premium 2012

MS Office/Word 2007


My emails are being recorded in history as to date, time and subject, however, the message content is not displayed. It's an attachment in some type of temp file that, when I try to open it, I get a popup telling me I need buy MS Office 2010 to read it.

Why isn't the message text displayed in its entirety? It has been in the past.

Do I really need to spend money or isn't the message content supposed to display automatically?


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Re: Email Message Content in History

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Hello tdaly,
Welcome to ACT! Community. It sounds like you have your history recording default set to include date, time, subject and all attachments. This will not display the body of the email in ACT! but instead attaches a copy of the entire message (including attached files) to the ACT! history. I haven't seen the message regarding the version of Office before when opening this attachment. Does the email message you are trying to open contain an attached Office document? Also, what is the exact warning message you are getting?


Also, you can change your email history recording default to "Email subject and message" in your Email setup preferences, which will display the body of the email in ACT!, but it will not include any files that were attached to the email message. This

Greig Hollister

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