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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Is anyone having success with any add on software packages to conduct consistent, trackable, email marketing?

Thanks - Mark
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Re: Email Marketing

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Re: Email Marketing

Time to revive this thread.  Has anyone had any real success with email marketing campaigns and which software add-ons/solutions did you use? I'm hoping to get some honest and real feedback on this as I'm contemplating making it a part of my business.


You would think that the great thing with email marketing is being able to track who actually reads or clicks through your emails, whereas something like direct marketing via regular mail involves higher costs as well as the uncertainty that people are even looking at the piece you sent them.


Any feedback on this?




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Re: Email Marketing

Hi Marco


If you want to keep everything working in harmony, in respect of ACT and a fully integrated email marketing solution, you have to go with Swiftpage


As an experienced Internet Marketer as well as a 20 year ACT veteran, I've used a variety of email marketing systems including Mailchimp, Aweber and GetResponse and they're all very good in their own right


However the big problem is, none of them work with ACT


Also, even if you consider an addon, which incidentally I don't know of any very good ones, bear in mind that an integrated Sage/ACT solution always has to be a much better option


Plus, you'd expect it to be the most reliable as well


The one caveat, Swiftpage isn't the cheapest solution on the market but cheap isn't always best


Hope that helps, all the best

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Re: Email Marketing

There are now links for MailChimp and a few others.

SwiftPage is not especially better than the others ... like them, it's just another add-on. The only difference is that Sage OEM'd it