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Email Leads to Contacts

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Email Leads to Contacts

Does the new version of ACT! 2010 natively support importing email leads from Outlook and converting them to contacts automatically? If not, what is the best solution for this?


We have a web form which we would like to import data to ACT when someone submits their information. We also have email leads from other sites that need to automatically be entered into ACT! as contacts 

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Re: Email Leads to Contacts

There isn't a 'Native' function that will automatically add your contacts to a database, you would have to initiate the import manually (File > Import).  There are also restrictions on the file types that you will be able to import (Outlook contact records (not emails), Text Delimited/CSV files, dBase files). 


There a few import add-ons available but I do not know if any of them have an automated or scheduled import ability.  To review the certified Act! add-on's visit this website: Act! Add-on's 

Greg Martin
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Re: Email Leads to Contacts

The product that we have provided to customers and found reliable is Web Prospect from Northwoods. Refer  and in particular 

Graeme Leo
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Re: Email Leads to Contacts

I beleive eGrabber also has a long standing solution...
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Re: Email Leads to Contacts



Capturing information from web forms and automatically placing in the respective fields in ACT! can be done with the help of eGrabber.

if you have a single template you can do with AddressGrabber, for multiple templates you can go for eMail-lead Grabber.




Vincent Xavier

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Vincent Xavier
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Re: Email Leads to Contacts

WebProspect is so simple and cost effective that's what I have installed for my clients.  Try the demo, and feel free to ask me any questions.  Hope this helps...
Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant