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Email Blast Problem

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Re: Email Blast Problem

Hello Running MS " cleanmgr " from the run prompt on windows XP significanlty helped with this problem on my XP system . I run ACT 2005
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Re: Email Blast Problem



Is this the still issue with ACT v16? 

Do we need to use 3rd party addon such as swiftpage or mergemaster to perform mail merge over 900 recipients?

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Re: Email Blast Problem



I was wondering if is this stil issue with ACT v16? Thanks!

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Re: Email Blast Problem

Given that the issue is with system resources, it's not something that ACT! has control of. Given that you risk being black listed by your ISP doing that quantity direct you should be using Swiftpage.

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Re: Email Blast Problem

While I do use a 3rd party program, it does address the issue of too many eMails at one time. 




Note, you can define the number of eMails to be sent at once and how long to wait before the next batch is sent.


One caveat, though.  While this is reliable, it does take control from ACT until all the eMails are done.  I have written the publisher asking to allow this process to take place in the background, but have not heard back as of yet.  If you are running the mail merge outside of your busy time with ACT, then there should be no problem or if you are only running a couple hundred then the time should not be too long.

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