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Email-Attach to ACT! contacts

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Email-Attach to ACT! contacts



Thank you very much in advance!


Question 1


What I want to do is to be able to

  • connect outlook emails received to ACT! contacts with all attachments in the outlook emails.
  • then search on the attachments.  The attachments mainly are word and pdf files.

Can this be done in ACT! ? 


Question #2


I was trying to record outlook emails in the history in ACT!,


I intended to set up email preference via ACT! for attaching emails to ACT! contacts with an option of "email, subject, message and all attachment" (refer to fig 1), the result is that the emails are recorded as attachment (refer to fig 2), is it how ACT works?


Question #3


If I want to do a search, seems universal search ( box on the top right hand corner) can search all attachments and documents.  Is it correct?  When I do a univseral serach, I cannot get what I expect as a search result.  


   Fig 1



Fig 2


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Re: Email-Attach to ACT! contacts

Question 1.

By using a Microsoft Outlook rule, you can automatically have incoming emails attached to your database.  Here is an article with instructions: KB Article 23020


Question 2.

Yes, this is how the program is designed.  When you include attachments in the history, the email itself becomes an attachment.


Question 3.

Most attachments (Word docs and PDFs included) are indexed by the Universal Search.  Can you explain your issue with more detail?

Greg Martin