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Email Addresses for Departments within a company

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Email Addresses for Departments within a company

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I engage many of the various departments of companies.  For example, for company name XYZ, I engage:



Engagements with Company XYZ include:


  • email
  • the various ACT activities: Call, Meeting, Appointment, etc.

As I engage these departments, I want ACT to create a History of my emails and ACT Activities.


What is the best practice so to do? 


I am looking for an articulate, concise, comprehensive, accurate, thorough response that answers my question, not a response that someone wants to provide which is only what they want to say without answering my question.  (Yes, I have been around the block and I know that many people get responses that do not address the sole reason for engaging the Community.)


Many thank yous.

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Re: Email Addresses for Departments within a company

You are getting this response as I am not aware of an article that address your question directly but have linked a couple below.


You should have a separate Contact Record for each person that you do business within the company. That way emails get linked back to the contact along with any notes or activity you create for them so a history of communication builds against each contact record.


You also a need a Company Record that all contact are linked with. That way all individual contact activity etc can be viewed for the whole company in one place so you get an overview of all communication with that company.


And now for articles


Creating and using Companies!


What is Contact - Company Linking!%3F