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Eliminating Contacts From Mailing List

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Eliminating Contacts From Mailing List

Hi!  I'm fairly new to using ACT, but am truly impressed with the program.  I often send out mass mailings from our company.  My question is:  How do I eliminate some contacts from being printed on printing labels?   Some customers do not wish to receive mail, others have incorrect mailing addresses (this is still something I'm correcting).  I'd appreciate any input you may have.....  Thank you!  Smiley Happy
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Re: Eliminating Contacts From Mailing List

Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying ACT so far!  I think the answer to your question is to use Custom Lookups and Groups in combination with custom fields to organize your contacts.  For instance, when you print labels, I'm assuming you're printing labels for your whole list of contacts?!?  If that's the case, every contact that is in your lookup of contacts at the time will have a label printed for it.  There are several ways to segment your data so this doesn't happen:


1.  Manually omit contacts from your lookup before printing (in Contact List view, right click any contact -> Omit Selected). Not very efficient.

2.  Organize your data: Create a custom YES/NO field (called NO MAIL maybe) to designate for ONLY when a contact doesn't wish to receive mail.  Then you can create a Group called "Mailing List" for example, where the rules for that group would basically say, "Include any contact where the NO MAIL field equals FALSE."  (It would include all contacts except for the ones with NO MAIL chosen). When you go to print labels or mail, you can simply create a lookup for that group and make it happen, instead of messing around with who's who and what's what every time.  Also, update that custom field anytime you enter a new contact that you know doesn't get mail so you can keep your data clean and defined upon entry into the database.  For help with Groups and Custom fields, I would recommend buying a Dummies guide to ACT for your version... it was very helpful to me when I first started administering ACT databases.  Also note, the above is a very simple way to organize data.  If your data gets more complicated, there are other ways to use Groups and Custom fields to further define and organize your contact data.  Good luck!

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Re: Eliminating Contacts From Mailing List

I really like rtw1323's response.  I just started using the yes/no fields; however, you will have to create the fields then modify the screen layout to see and/or enter information into those fields.


You can also use the ID/Status field if you aren't already.  Just add the status "No Mail".  You can then do search on the "group" and status = "No Mail".


Just my 2 cents worth and with that you get change. 


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