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Editing-Saving-Retreiving Edited Templates

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Editing-Saving-Retreiving Edited Templates

Just upgrading computer here and everythign along with it

- Vista, Act 11


I am having issues getting Act to save new templates and retrieve them.

a) if I pull up a template to edit, I then go to save....but I am not allowed to save as an .adt

     - If I save it as a file other than .adt  act will not allow me to go back later and pick it out to use as a template

b)  Earlier versiona Act 6 I had all of my 50+ typical files that I would quote in a given day and simply fill in information or do slight edits.



Please advise.




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Re: Editing-Saving-Retreiving Edited Templates

Sounds like you're using Office 2007.  Try putting quotes around the file name. 


Example: "my document.adt"