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Editing Notes - Copying Notes - Using "Last Results"

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Editing Notes - Copying Notes - Using "Last Results"

On previous versions of ACT I could edit notes after entering them. I haven't figured out how to do that with 9.0. It seems that once notes are entered there's no changing them. Is there a way? Also, copying and pasting notes elsewhere seems to be a problem. Once the notes have been entered I can't right click and copy as i was able to do previously.


Also, previouis versions of Act allowed notes typed in LAST RESULTS to be recorded in the Notes section. This enabled me to see all Notes in one section. Now, any notes entered in Last Results end up in the HISTORY section, separate from the Notes section. This makes things very inconvenient and more cumbersome. Is there a way to A) direct all notes entered in Last Results to go into the Notes section and B) is there a way to simply combine the NOTES and HISTORY sections so I can read everything in one place?


Lastly, when copying and pasting notes or data into the Notes section, Act doesn't seem to record all of the information. I'm not sure why this is happening. In other words, when I highlight the text, click on copy and then paste to the Notes section, large portions of what  iI copied aren't pasted.


Please assist on all of the above.



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Re: Editing Notes - Copying Notes - Using "Last Results"

Check Tools | Preferences to see if editing of notes or history is allow.


Last results was always record as history as a field change, never as a note.


The Notes and History can't be combined. You might want to make a feature request.

Roy Laudenslager
ACT! Certified Consultant