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E-mail Only Contacts

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E-mail Only Contacts

I am fairly new to ACT!, and am working with a database of about 1700. We are having contacts opt to receive communication via e-mail only, which is great. However, I can't figure out a better way to mark them as non-snail-mail receivers other than erasing part of their physical address and putting it in a note. The only other way I can think to do it is make groups of e-mail and snail mail contacts, but it seems ot me there might be some other way to do it (?).

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Re: E-mail Only Contacts

You could create a 'Tick Box' which is labelled "E-mail".  If it's not ticked they want 'Snail-Mail' and if it's ticked they want 'E-Mail'.


When they opt for e-mail then you tick the box, otherwise you assume they want snail-mail.


Then have 2 groups using Dynamic Group membership.  The e-mail group uses the criteria that this field is 'True' and the snail-mail group uses criteria that this field is 'False'.


Hope this helps.

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