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Dynamically linking Companies to Groups

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Dynamically linking Companies to Groups



Slight bit of advise need here please! I may be being incredibly stupid! Using Act 2010 


I am trying to dynamically link companies to a groups for example on the companies tab I have got an industry column with say finance, retail etc etc. I have then then created a industry group with sub groups being the various sectors (finance, retail etc ect). I just want 


As with setting up the dynamic links for contacts to groups I assumed I could do this with the companies fields but at the moment I cant see how to do it. There is no option to link from company data!


Would the work around be to link a industry field on the contact sheet and link that to the groups instead? 


any help would be appreciated 



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Re: Dynamically linking Companies to Groups

Hello Greg,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


You are correct in the finding that while in Groups/Companies you can only define criteria for a Contact (or Opportunity) - not for a Company or Group.


If I understand your work-around: create a Company Field > link it to a Contact field > so that you can use the Update Linked fields option > then create Group criteria based on that Contact field.  Sounds like a workable solution, but keep in mind that when you 'update linked fields' - it will update all populated Company fields to all contacts linked to that Company.  You may overwrite data that you didn't intend to overwrite.


Another option to populate the contact field with the appropriate values is to use the Edit > Replace Field option.  You would go to the Companies screen > right click the desired Company > select Create Lookup > it will take you to the Contact List view.  Now, using the Edit > Replace Field option - you can populate/overwrite a specific field with the desired value.


And we always recommend that you make a backup of your database before making mass changes (File > Backup > Database).

Greg Martin