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Dynamic Group "Operator" Drop Down Items Missing??? Very Strange!

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Dynamic Group "Operator" Drop Down Items Missing??? Very Strange!

I just loaded ACT onto my laptop and while creating Dynamic Group Criteria I noticed something vey strange. When I select "Create Date" as the field I want to draw dynamic memember ship criteria from - the drop options for "Operator" are missing the month option from the drop down menu. The other basic ones are there but the ones where you can add the MOnth etc are not.....


I am not going crazy as I chceked my office computer which is running the same exact version ACT 2008 10.0 and it has several more options including the option to add the "MOnth equals" or something like that - Again not sure of the exact phrase used but it does have the word MOnth in it and it is not there - Can anyone help me out on this as this is very strange!



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Re: Dynamic Group "Operator" Drop Down Items Missing??? Very Strange!

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The additional Operators were added in the 10.0.3 update to ACT! 2008.  Please verify that the machine in question has this update applied. Go to Help/About ACT! and the version should  If this is the current build and you do not see the additional operators, then the update may not been applied correctly.  Try reapplying the 10.0.3 update. If you need to download this update, then please refer to following Knowledgebase document:


How to Download and Apply the ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0.3) Service Pack


If reapplying the update does not work, then you will need to uninstall ACT! and then reinstall the full version of the 10.0.3 build.  If this becomes necessary, then please send me a Private Message requesting the download link for the full version of 10.0.3 and I can send it to you.

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Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.