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Dynamic Group Queries - Custom Field (s) - Please Help

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Dynamic Group Queries - Custom Field (s) - Please Help

Hello Everyone,


I have a database of contacts who have all attended a program.


Each year, my company hosts reunions that all contacts in my database are invited to attend.


There are at least 2 reunion events per year, sometimes more, May and October.


I would like to be able to dynamically add contacts to a Reunions Attendee group, and also have groups for each individual reunion.


That is, if a contact has ever attended a reunion event, they need to be automatically added to the Reunions Attendee Group.


For example, John Doe attended the May 2007 reunion, the October 2007 reunion, and the October 2008 reunion.


John Doe needs to be dynamically added to the following groups in my database:


Reunion Attendees

05-2007 Reunion Attendees

10-2007 Reunion Attendees

10-2008 Reunion Attendees


What is the best way to add a field or fields to my database that can be used as targets for the query that creates dynamic group membership?


The reunions will continue in perpetuity, and I don't want users to be able to add their own reunion names to prevent non-uniform data from degrading the database.


Can some one please help me with this?


Thank you very much!




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Re: Dynamic Group Queries - Custom Field (s) - Please Help

Hello Woliver,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


While there can be many variations as to how you accomplish your task, you may want to consider defining a field with a drop-down list for your reunions.  The drop-down list can be set to 'Limit to List' to prevent variations entered by users, and the ability to edit the list can be disabled for users. 


When creating an overall 'Reunions Attendee' group, you can set the qualifer to include contacts where the drop-down field 'contains data'. 


For individual reunions, your Group criteria would specify the particular reunion.


For more details on creating fields, review this article: KB Article 15331


Greg Martin