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Dynamic Add / Remove formats

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Dynamic Add / Remove formats

When using the Dynamic Members feature for a group, is it possible to set the criteria for multiple field options in one line (i.e. City = city1,city2,city3)?  as apposed to adding each city separately with an AND or OR connecting them.  My search criteria ends up being unbelievably long because I have to list each city separately.  The condition is that the account is "active" and is in a certain "city".  The only way I know is to write condition 1, connected with an AND with condition 2 for each city connected with OR.  This becomes a very lengthy and confusing process.  Hopefully someone can share the shortcuts for merging the conditions.


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Re: Dynamic Add / Remove formats

To answer your question, no you can't make a single statement like that. However, you also don't need to pair each city with the condition if the condition is the same. List all the city statements and group then with parenthesis and then you need to list the condition statement only once.
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