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Durkin Impact Suite Add multiple contact pic lists to a form

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Durkin Impact Suite Add multiple contact pic lists to a form

Hi All,

We are currently running Sage Act Pro 2012 on a Windows 7 environment and have recently installed the Durkin Impact Suit V.5.02.


Ive created a custom table to manage projects and would like to be able to record a list of our stakeholders under the category of Agent, Supplier and  Customer. I would also like to have an area on the Form where we record our Customer contacts and our Consultant Contacts


I have added these fields to the Field List for the Table and can add the fields successfully but of course this just allows me to enter the data manually and doesnt link these fields back to the Customer or Contact Tables and Records.


I can also add multiple Customer or Contact Pick lists to the form but if I do this they all seem to be linked so that when I select a particular customer the same customer appears in all the Customer or Contact Pick List fields on the Form rather than different ones in different areas.


I'm very new to this and am learning as I go so it may be that its not possible to do what I want to do but please can someone enlighten me as to where I am going wrong or if there is an alternative way of achieving my aims


Thank you


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Re: Durkin Impact Suite Add multiple contact pic lists to a form

Ahh solved it myself Thank you!


For anyone else who comes across this posting and wants to know the answer you need to use the Toolbox Buttons and selct the Pick List from there when you add this button you can link the picklist to your custom field - very nifty :-)

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Re: Durkin Impact Suite Add multiple contact pic lists to a form

[ Edited ]

Another thing to note here is that the Picklist that allows you to browse to other records like a contact doesn't actually link that contact to the custom table. What it does is simply copy the data from selected fields on that record you choose into the custom table fields e.g. Contact table "Contact, Phone, Email" into Custom Table "Consultant Name, Consultant Phone, Consultant Email". Be aware that if you change the referenced field values in the contact record you wouldn't have the same data represented in the custom table fields anymore.

Hope that helps clarify.

Kind regards,

Matthew Wild
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Re: Durkin Impact Suite Add multiple contact pic lists to a form


You are 100 % correct. Using the picklist control will only copy the current values from the parent record (i.e. contact) into fields in your custom table. This feature is by design since it is a snapshot of the contact record when the custom record is created. Very handy for attorneys and real estate transaction data models which require you to keep the data for a given time period.  In some real estate transaction up to seven years.


In other cases.

If you want to dynamically link to a contact record use the "Single Line Contacts' control.

If you want to dynamically link to multiple contact record use the "Contacts" control.

Both are found under the LIST toolbox on the top toolbar.



If you want to snapshot the contact use the "Picklist From Contacts" control found under the BUTTONS icon.


Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin