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Duplicating Contacts

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Duplicating Contacts

I am running ACT 2009, with the latest updates. When I duplicate a contact, I am choosing All Fields, however very few of the fields come over. Example, the Notes field, Activities, and even the address 1 & 2 fields are blank.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Duplicating Contacts

Some fields that are unique to that contact are not going to copy over, such as the system fields. What fields are seeing that are not copying?  Also, the tabbed data that does not contains fields (Notes, History, Activities, Opportunities, Secondary Contacts) are not going to copy over either. If you would like to get that data into a duplicate contact, then you would lookup the two contacts, highlight them on the Contact List, and then go to Tools - Copy/Move Contact Data.

Greig Hollister

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Re: Duplicating Contacts

Caution on that Copy/Move tool:  It will MOVE the notes/hsitories, etc. to the target  contact record, removing it from the source...