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Duplicate history items on Notes/History Report

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Duplicate history items on Notes/History Report

I've been trying and trying and trying to prevent my Notes/History Report from listing the same history items more than once, and I feel defeated.  My goal is to have a history report alphabetically categorized by "Share With," with each history "Regarding & Details" entry sorted by date.  I can't even figure out whether or not I need report sections or not.  I've been trying with no sections, 1 section, and 2 sections.  I always end up with a company name, then 3 or 4 history entries sorted by date, and then the exact same company name & history items repeated an irregular number of times (sometimes once, twice, or 3 times).  I've gone into Properties, then the Format Tab, and checked the box titled, "Do not print if duplicated," both for my "Share With" section title, as well as my "Regarding & Details" portion of the History subreport.  I'm stumped.  Please help.  Thanks.

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Re: Duplicate history items on Notes/History Report

I assume that you are linking history entries to multiple contacts. If so, the history entry will be listed with each contact so the history will show up multiple time in a report. It also sounds like you are try ing to make a history based report which can't be done with the ACT! reports.

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