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Duplicate entries

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Duplicate entries

Hi All,


I am trying to import data from a delimited txt file into ACT. Right now I am under the testing phase and am having trouble merging data.

Say for eg, 

I am importing a file which has first name, last name. I import this into ACT and it goes well smootly.

First Name Last Name



After this, I change my file to include one more column "company" and try to "merge" the same file. I I end up duplicating my records.


My file is now:

First Name Last Name   Company




When I merge these contacts I somehow end up getting 4 contacts instead of just 2. i.e. records are duplicated. !

Please note : I have already enabled "Duplicate checking" in my settings. Also please note that I am trying to merge data and not replace the old one with recent one.


Would appreciate your help on this !






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Re: Duplicate entries

Make sure on the import that the contact options button isn't set to add and not merge.
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Re: Duplicate entries

Thanks for the reply.


I am confused though. Should I NOT set the contact option to merge ?? 


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Re: Duplicate entries

If you find you need an AddOn to faciliate your importing, the best selling Import tool is OakMerge by E Tech - Check out the comparison chart for which version does what. 


If you need to dedup with a more powerful tool than that in native ACT!, check out Duplication Wizard by Egen Consulting - You'll want to get at least the Plus version because that gives you 'fuzzy logic' (Bob & Robert....HP & Hewlett Packard, etc.). The Expert version deals mostly with Companies and Groups  - there's also a 'compare versions' link on this page too.

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Re: Duplicate entries



What are your Duplicate Checking options?


If you are checking Contact - then it won't find a match because you have the fields First and Last, vs one Column that has both First and Last Names together. 


You could try changing your Duplicate checking to First Name and Last Name.

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