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Drop-down list disappears from RDB's

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Drop-down list disappears from RDB's

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I am running ACT! on Windows XP.  I have 3 remote databases syncing with me via Hamachi.  I have several custom fields and most have drop-down lists.  On one of the fields the drop-down list no longer appears on the remote databases.  It is still on my database.


A few weeks ago I ran the DBFixer_80090.exe on all machines to address another issue but I know that one of the remotes lost this drop-down list before we ran the DBFixer_80090.exe and one of them lost the drop-down list after we ran the DBFixer_80090.exe so it doesn't seem related.


I tried saving the layout with a new name and had all the remotes switch to the new layout but that did not bring back the missing drop-down list.


Any other ideas?



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Re: Drop-down list disappears from RDB's

Hello rab5649,


Drop down lists are not stored in the layout so renaming or created a new layout will not help in the case.  Usually with this type of issue the end result was to recreate the remote database.


Also when applying DBFixer 80090, it requires you to create a new remote database.


From the KB article:

NOTE: The attached DBFixer must be run on all current remote and parent databases. Newly created remote databases will still have the initial issue of not syncing the affected data types, so the DBFixer must be run on new remote databases as well. Using the DBFixer will not restore the data that didn't originally sync, so if data is currently missing, create a new remote database and then apply the DBFixer.