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Does deleting a contact impact company history?

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Does deleting a contact impact company history?



I have several companies created in which individuals have either quit or gone to a different company.  Hence, there is a reason for me to delete those contacts from the database.


My question is if I delete the contact will I also delete all the interaction I had with them that is recorded in the Company History tab, or will that history information be retained even if I delete the contact?  


Please let me know your thoughts on this.  



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Re: Does deleting a contact impact company history?



No, deleting the contact will leave note/history entries in the company.  Reason being is because the entries don't belong to the contact, but the company itself.

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Re: Does deleting a contact impact company history?

I did a test, and created a TEST contact for a Company TEST TEST. I then made a few notes for this test contact. I then deleted the test Company Contact. The Note did remain. But the name of the test contact I had used for these notes was blank. That is a problem since I need to know who I had spoken with for this note. Is there any way to delete a contact, but to have the note remain INCLUDING the name of the contact (now deleted)?


I also did another test, where I UNLINKED the test contact from the Company. I still saw the company name on the contact but it was not underlined. But the contact was still listed as a company contact in the list of company contacts.


I then erased the company name from the company name field for the contact, and this test contact was STILL listed in the list of company contacts, and in the notes his name was listed, and the notes were still in the company's notes (desired).


But then if I DELETE the test contact altogether, the notes still remain in the company files, but the TEST contact name is blank.


Is there some way to delete the contact altogether (like if they die), but to have the notes remain & the name of the X-Contact still remain?