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Do all emails have to be attached ?

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Do all emails have to be attached ?

I do not want all emails attached to the contact in ACT.  How do I control that function?

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Re: Do all emails have to be attached ?

No they don't.


Assuming you are using Outlook..


select the contact you want to write an email to, then create the email (i.e. click their address or write/e-mail).


In the email composing view in outlook look for Add-Ins on the top bar of the composition screen, and select that.  You'll see two boxes related to attaching the email to Act.  The rightmost box has a drop down menu for that specific e-mail message.


You'll want to select a default action (such as not attaching) and then override as needed while composing. 


If I am doing a mass e-mail i usually just save the message title and don;t save any part of the message body as it is usually from a form letter I don;t need to keep details on.  I have this option presneted to me when creating the bulk email message.