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Do I need to have my Act 2011 Contacts in Outlook too?

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Do I need to have my Act 2011 Contacts in Outlook too?

New, soon-to-be Act user here. I’ve been tinkering with the Act 2010 trial—and reading the Official Act Quick Study book—while awaiting the release of Act 2011. (I downloaded my early-bird purchase of Act 2011 yesterday but have yet to install it.) Since I’ve been using Outlook 2010, I haven’t been able to explore the integration of Act with Outlook.


I’ve been using Business Contact Manager in Outlook 2010 for the past few months and all of my customer contacts are, therefore, in the BCM database. I can convert those to regular Outlook contacts by moving them from the business contacts folder to a regular Outlook contacts folder, and then hopefully import them into Act 2011. Once the records have been safely imported into Act, my intention has been to delete them from Outlook, to tidy things up and lighten the load that Outlook carries. Is there any reason that I need to have those contacts in Outlook? I will continue to use Outlook as my e-mail client, but presumably I can initiate Outlook e-mails from Act, can I not? And therefore should not need to have them in Outlook.


Additionally, when I import Outlook contacts into Act, can I point Act to a particular contacts folder in my Outlook .pst file? It would simplify things greatly if I could move all of my customer contacts from the Business Contact Manager folder into an Outlook folder which I would name “Act contacts” and then add some vendors and perhaps a few other contacts I might want to track in Act from my regular Outlook contacts folder to my “Act contacts” folder. There would then be two contact folders under “My Contacts” on Outlook; “Contacts” and “Act contacts”. (There’s actually another folder there now called “Suggested Contacts”. I don’t know how that came to exist or what purpose it serves.) Can I make Act 2011 import only those contacts in the “Act contacts” folder and leave the other folders behind?