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Display contacts for Record Manager only

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Display contacts for Record Manager only

Is there a way to display only the contacts for the Record Manager that is using ACT when clicking 'View All Contacts'?



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Re: Display contacts for Record Manager only



  No, there is not.  When you click 'Lookup all contacts' it is polling the database for all public contacts available.  This means you get everyone.  There is a workaround, though.


You can create an advanced lookup, and set it to look up all records that you are record manager for.  You can then save that query to a file.  You can then make a custom command based off of that query file.  The command will only work for the record manager you selected, so it's not going to change if you log in as someone else.  The command is also computer specific, so if you look on another computer that command will not be there.


How to create a query:


Customize Act!:

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