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Different versions found after server and workstation install

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Different versions found after server and workstation install

Early November 2009 I purchased 2 licenses for a 2010 upgrade to Act! 6. The file was downloaded and installed on the server node. The Act! 6 DB converted cleanly and we used the app routinely for several weeks before repeating the install on the workstation. After resolving firewall issues the workstation was eventually able to connect to the 2010 DB. After login on the workstation two dialog boxes appeared in sequence - the first stated the version of Act being installed (??) is newer than my current version and invited me to back up the current DB. On selecting the NO button the second message stated that the DB was created with an earlier version of Act! and did I want to update. Hitting NO again allowed the 2010 DB to open successfully.


Checking Help > About Act! showed that the workstation version was 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 3 whereas the server version was plain 12.0.409.0 (no Hotfix)


Act Update gives in each case a pop up stating that I already have the latest version.


Searching for a Hotfix 3 download gives links that take me to a Hotfix 4 download.


 I assume that if I apply the Hotfix to server and workstation that the workstation messages with not reappear. However I would appreciate it if someone could explain the above observations.



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Re: Different versions found after server and workstation install

I would go ahead and apply Hot Fix 4 to both the server and the workstations to ensure they are the same versions and see if this takes care of the update warning. HF 4 is cumulative of all previous hotfixes. As for the update message, this will not usually be triggered for hotfixes, only new builds. I'm not quite sure of the reason for this, other than a hotfix does not usually change the actual version number.


You can also check the database version (and compare to the version of ACT!) in ACT! Diagnostics under the Database List.

Greig Hollister

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