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Dialer won't hang up

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Dialer won't hang up

when i use the dialer (which is always) to make calls, it doesn't hang up when i hang up the phone.  then i have to click on the dialer icon, and when the box comes up i have to click "hang up"   if i don't do this, the line is still open and can't be used. 


any ideas?



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Re: Dialer won't hang up

I have the same problem in ACT 12 professional and can't find a simple way to make it work. Hope answer is forthcoming from some knowledgable person

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Re: Dialer won't hang up

I believe the system is working as intended. 


The problem is caused by the way the dialler works. When you use the dialler to dial the modem picks up the line. The handset or any other phone you use simply connects in parallel with the modem. When you hang up your phone the modem is still connected until you hang it up. So physically hanging up the phone cannot disconnect the line.


I hope this explanation helps.



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Re: Dialer won't hang up

[ Edited ]

It Is supposed to hang up..

You did not provide much info though. what version of ACT! are you using? reference Help / About. What is your OS ?

Have you applied all of your Service Paks and Hotfixes? 

Reference the ACT! Download Center for your specific version of ACT!  

also reference the ACT! Knowledgebase 

I also recommend you Manually check for windows updates.

What type/brand modem are you using? A USB Modem will prob NOT WORK. It shoudl be pci or pcie  v.92 voice capable 56k - such as us robotics 

What type of Phone are you using Brand? Are you using a Voip such as skype or magic jack?

Cheers - FSB

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Re: Dialer won't hang up

Thanks much for your tips. I'll work through the information you provided. FYI the ACT version I'm using is 12 Pro and my operating system is Windows 7 64bit Professional. I'm a volunteer with the Friends of OASIS which supports our local OASIS Senior Center.  I just transitioned from XP and Office 2000 and ACT 2000 after a long and success, trouble free run with my former Sony Vaio computer.


I'm finding this version of ACT very complex and with way more capacity than we need, but I hope to get it operating well so we can work with our volunteer data base in more effective ways.


Regards, MM