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Dialer displays unlisted Number to dial

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Dialer displays unlisted Number to dial

ACT Pro 2013 SP1 (

Database on MS Server 2003 SP2, shared

Clients on Vista Business SP2




Have recently introduced integrated telephony, giving us cause to use ACT's built in dialer. This all works well in practice with just one or two anomalies, of which this one is currently giving us most concern:


I select a Contact record which has both a Phone and a Mobile Phone number. When I click on Phone Contact, the dialog box includes a number in the Number to Dial field, which is neither the Phone or Mobile Phone number.


If I select the Mobile Phone number from the list of Telephone Numbers, that number is populated to the Number to Dial field, whereas if I select the Phone number that is not and the erroneous number re-appears instead.


Having selected the Phone Number and dialling the call, the erroneous number is called.


I'd appreciate any advice as to how this number arrives in this field, and how I can prevent it from replacing the Phone Number recorded against the Contact record


This is not an isolated case, although at the moment, I'm unable to see a pattern.