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Details for Products in Product List

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Details for Products in Product List

When I used to create quotes for my products in Word, I would have a template for those products or type of products already saved.  Each product would have the first line as Qty., Part Number, Description, Price, etc.  But underneath the Description I would have 'bullet points' that were major details or characteristics (specs.) for that product.


I have figured out that I can do a 'Copy' from my Word document of the description and details (as multiple lines on the document) and then 'Paste' it into ACT's 'Name' field in the 'Manage Product List.'  This then creates a very long line of text in that field that isn't all shown unless you scroll through the field with the Right Arrow Key.


When I create a quote from the opportunity, however, the Excel table includes all of my lines of detailed information, but there are funky characters such as 'squares' and such.  Am I doing this the best way ACT can do it without buying an add-on or paying somebody to do consulting?  What is the correct way to add details to a product automatically?  It seems silly to just have 1 line for a product.