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Detail View

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Detail View

While in Detail View, the names in the Company Field are not fully displayed.  I see the tail end of the Company name, if I put my curser in the box and scroll over, the entire name is there.  I am sure this has to do with the Layout, but I don't know how to change it so I can view the start of the company name.  Does anyone have a solution?


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Re: Detail View

This issue has been reported to the Development team.  The view of the data is affected by a company name that is longer than the field is on the layout.  As a work-around you can extend the length of the Company field by using the Layout Designer under the Tools menu.  For instructions on using the Layout Designer review this article: KB Article 15332

Greg Martin
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Re: Detail View

As a quick alternative to the KB:

1) Back up your database.

2) From the tools menu in Act!, choose Design Layouts -> Contact.  This will open the currently selected layout in the designer program (yes you can have more than 1 layout! cool!)

3)  In the designer program, BEFORE CHANGING ANYTHING, go to the File menu and do a Save as to save your about to be new layout to a new file name.  (Even if you just add 'v2' to the end of the current name - this keeps you from ruining your default/current layout if something were to go amiss.)

4)  Now you can 'stretch out' the company field:  Click the field with the arrow, little white boxes appear all around it - click and pull one of the center ones on either end depending upon which direction you want to lengthen it.

5)  You may need to move things around to accomodate your Company field change.  You can click a field and then 'nudge it' by using your arrow keys on the keyboard.  You can select  more than one field by holding Ctrl key and clicking multiple fields, then nudge will work on them all at once in the same amount. (Note labels are seperate, so you will want to select them with their fields if moving things...)

6) Save the layout.

7) Close the layout designer.

8) Back in Act!, from the layout drop down list just below the "Big Easy' buttons, select the newly names layout from the list to view it.  (If it is not listed, don't worry, just close Act! and re-open it and check the list again - it will be there.)