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Desparate Help: Upgrade crashed, can't re install!

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Desparate Help: Upgrade crashed, can't re install!

Hope somebody can help here. Running act2008, went finally to upgrade from.137 to .138. In the midst of the upgrade, computer hung, and rebooted. It seems this upgrade uinistalls the version and re installs a new version


When I click on the act icon, it couldn't find the program, so I assumed that it had unistalled files. So I put the CD in to do a reinstall, but in the beginning fo the reinstall, it says ACT already installed! I tried to unistall thru the add/remove panel but ACT is not listed there anymore.


I am caught in a loop. How can I either unistall or set something so I can re install ACT.


Also, on a side note, I was using this computer as the server (we are peer to peer). I can still access my database. I was under the impression that I needed to install act on server to use the database from. Can I just create an act database, and put in up on the server, and not have act installed there. If so , I am wasting a license that I can use on another machine!


Thanks for any help here!

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Re: Desparate Help: Upgrade crashed, can't re install!

If you have corrupted your install on the computer, the best thing to do is a manual removal, and then re-install.




for the details. This won't delete your database, so that will remain as is.


You could just leave it as is, but you will not be able to do any database version updates or even patch updates, and database maintenance will be a pain in the neck to perform. BTW, you do need to install ACT! on the server machine, but Sage don;t technically count this as a licence providing you don't use it as a user session. It is on the computer purely for database maintenance, backup, and upgrade reasons.