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Design Layouts

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Design Layouts



I'm am currently running Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version


Been a user of Act for about 10 years now and have lots of fields entered on my database.


Unfortunately, I have encountered an error recently which I did experience some years ago with an older version although slightly different.


When I enter the design layout screen.  It's blank!


When I had the older version installed I had the same problem but that also created an error message saying 'Out of Memory' so I just wonder if it's the same problem.


Last time I fixed it after reading an article in Act about editing the reg edit file to increase something but I didn't keep the article.


Anyway, currently I am unable to add, amend or delete any fields.  Although the screen comes up (the design layouts screen), it doesn't show the fields.


Does anyone know what you need to do in the reg edit file please.

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Re: Design Layouts

Hi there, this isn't an issue I'm familiar with, it seems especially strange as Out of Memory errors typically happen when you're syncing a remote database. Are you using a remote database where you have to go to Tools > Synchronise Database > Synchronise Now?


Also have you tried amending a company layout instead? Do you get the same problem?


If you open the demo database and open the layout designer, do you get the same issue?


It also may be worthwhile checking you have the latest version, you mentioned you are on 15.1, have you got any hotfixes installed? If not, I'd recommend backing up your database then going to:


Click on Hotfixes and look for Sage ACT! 2013 SP1 Hot Fix 4