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Deleting User with History

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Deleting User with History

When I delete a user that has created histories what happens to those histories? The database is run for a financial group so all of the histories are paramount and cannot be deleted but two members of the team are no longer with us. Can they be deleted or are we stuck with them? Also in the even they are deleted do they still count as a used license or will we be able to create two more in their absence?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Deleting User with History

If you delete a user you are given two choices, assign to another user or delete. If you choose assigned to another user every where that user was show ans the record creator or record manager will be changed to the assigned user. If you choose delete, everything that is assigned to the deleted user will be deleted. The preferred choice is to disable the account of the old user which preserves the history information and frees up the license for a new user.

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