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Delete multiple fields in (Tools/Design Fields)

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Delete multiple fields in (Tools/Design Fields)

Hi all,


I am new to ACT and any help would be great. When i go to Tools then Design Fields I have a list of 100+ different field names. I need to delete all of these and start from scratch. I know how to delete 1 field at a time, but cannot figure out how to delete all the fields at once. Is this possible? Smiley Surprised


Thanks Guys

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Re: Delete multiple fields in (Tools/Design Fields)

Fields would have to be deleted one at a time and several of those fields have internal program links so what you want to do will cause you a lot of problems. You need to familiarize ylurself with what the ACT! program is and can do before you do anything else.

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Re: Delete multiple fields in (Tools/Design Fields)

Please make sure you do a backup of your database. There is no undo if you make a mistake.  Also, consider just starting from a new database.  May save you  a lot of work.

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