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Defining a field

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Defining a field

I'm not really sure where to begin to ask this question! 


Using Act 2012- trying to change a field from one of the "stock" names and re-define it. Tried to "Define Field" in Preferences but the field I'm looking for doesn't exist in any of those lists! 

Then I tried to modify a "User Field"- can't find "User 6" (only 1-5 and 11-15); what about the others???




Jeffrey Anshel
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Re: Defining a field

I suspect that you are looking to redefine one of the system fields. They won't show up in the list of define fields because they can't be changed. As to the user fields, most likely the missing fields where renamed at some time in the past.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Defining a field

Hi Jeff,


the reason for your issue can have 2 sources,


1. Roy allready explained, that in older versions of act it was possible to redefine system fields, (not posible in newer ACT versions)

2. you might use a different field (somebody just changed the label but did not rename the field name. 

     to identify the real name of the field, go in Act to the field do a right mouse click, and you will see the real name of the field, this will probably show a diffent name than Stock, then go back to the define fields, and you will probably find the field




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