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Default Contact Name for sending emails

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Default Contact Name for sending emails

I am running Act Pro v19.2.146.0 Update 4 on Windows 10 Pro and Outlook Pro 2016.


Am I able to set up Act so that when I click on a contact's email address or hit the "send email" shortcut key, the contact's first name is already populated in the email being sent via Outlook 2016?


I understand how to do this when emailing templates and mail merges, but I would like to know if I can do this for all emails sent using Act via the integration with Outlook Pro 2016.


Also, can I set up an auto populate for the subject title?

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Re: Default Contact Name for sending emails

Unfortunately, when clicking the email address this does simply bring up a blank email - similar to clicking a mailto: link on a web browser.

The only way to merge data in is using templates.

It may be possible to set up some sort of rule in Outlook however to do this, I'm not sure.