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Deduplicating Groups from Each Other

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Deduplicating Groups from Each Other

Hi, i have set up some groups in my system (ACT! 2009) however i only want a contact to appear in one of these groups.  Depending on the contacts criteria they are sometimes appearing in 2 or more groups.  Is there any way i can do a dedupe of the contacts ini groups? 


Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Deduplicating Groups from Each Other

Edit your group criteria to be more specific on what its looking for.
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Re: Deduplicating Groups from Each Other

Hi ccg2007,


The response you received from Sage is correct, but it may be confusing. 


I would first want to know how many groups you have.  If it is small enough to manage manually, then fix it that way. 


If you have too many to manage manually, than you have a problem.  You might want to consider deleting all your groups and starting over again with a method to add contacts to prevent duplication.


On the other hand, maybe there is a good reason why people show up in multiple groups. 


I hope this helps. 

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