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Declines and tracking?

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Declines and tracking?

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I am using Act 10 as a grantwriter.  I have just started trying to set it up - but I'm not sure how to do this right.


1.  Foundations are what is in my database (like contacts).  We send letters to foundations and they respond positively or they decline.  Each foundation is asked for a different amount (some $10,000, some $50,000, etc.) for a project (let's say the project budget is $250,000).  There are usually 50 to 100 letters sent out at a time (i.e. 50 letters on 2/15/10 for general support, 100 letters on 12/15/09 for a learning center)


2.  We receive responses.  I want to mark a letter from a specific foundation "declined," "pending" (as in they sent us an applicaiton to fill out and it's in the process), or "award" for a grant received.


I have two clients (organization A & B) but we pull from the same pool of foundations to send letters to, so I am tracking at least 2 letters for each foundation.  The response to our letter should relate to organization A or B's specific letter and the specific amount per each foundation.  


Any ideas?  HUGELY appreciated as I have had many issues just getting Act running, which it is now.


It seems like "opportunities" mean that if I put 50 foundations in an opportunity, I can't specify each amount for each foundation, nor can I "flag" a foundation per the response rec'd (i.e. "declined), I'd have to just remove it from the opportunity.  I suppose that would be in the history of the foundation, but I want to be able to track more specifically. 


Last but not least, should each organization just have its own database?  Is it even possible to have more than one database in an Act ? (Single user, basic act! package)



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