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Dead/dying hard drive

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Dead/dying hard drive

A friend came to me with a dying hard drive.

They use ACT for Windows 11

I have backed up the User folder and Program Files, and the Program Files (x86) folders 

The ..Documents\ACT\ACT for Windows 11\Backup folder doesn't contain any files


The current system appears to have Windows Vista on it

They've purchased a new, Windows 10 computer for use with ACT


1)  Should I attempt to boot to Windows and backup ACT using the backup utility (despite the hard drive being in the process of dying)?

2)  How do I backup the ACT files/folders?

3)  How do I install ACT on the new computer? (is there a place to download, or does my friend have to buy another copy?)

4)  How do I import the old ACT files/folders to the new version of ACT?


Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Re: Dead/dying hard drive

If you can open Act go to File/Backup Database and backup the database to the location of your choice.  This will create a .zip file that needs to be opened in Act, not a program like Winzip.  You'll then use file/Restore and choose the 2nd, restore as option to restore your data. 


Alternatively, you can search for the database .adf and .alf files; for example, if his database was called MyCompany he'll have mycompany.adf and my company.alf.  You'll also see a mycompany.pad file which is just a shortcut and doesn't need to be copied.  You'll also see a set of database folders called MyCompany database files.  Copy those as well.  If you can't copy the files because they are "in use" head over to services.msc and shut down the Act7 sql service.  To restore these files you'll open them in Act using the File/Open and select the .adf option.

Karen Fredricks
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