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Date/Time text alignment in 2010

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Date/Time text alignment in 2010

The Date and Time fields in History Tab in 2010 are now vertically aligned to the center, while Result and Regarding are aligned to top.  This makes for a very confusing appearance, especially if grid lines are turned off (default) and when there is a lot of text in Regarding.  These tabs have always been aligned to top in past.  This needs to be fixed.

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Re: Date/Time text alignment in 2010

Based on the information provided, your issue appears to be associated with a previously reported issue. I will provide an update if the status changes, or if an alternative workaround to this issue is identified. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause.
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Re: Date/Time text alignment in 2010

Agreed, the date and time stamp should be at the top!
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Re: Date/Time text alignment in 2010

Can not agree more!  I am a new convert to ACT 2010 and a very happy user of an older version (that will now not load on my new Windows 7 PC).  I just got off the support line and was told basically sorry the function to align the notes with the date and time at the top of the field has been taken away in the ACT 2010 version.  He said that no adjustments to alignment can be made to any of the tab fields.  He just suggested that I go and make a recommendation for the next release -or that I take fewer notes so it does not get so far out of alignment - Thanks a lot!


Also found out that unlike my older version, I can not combine the notes and histories fields in a single view.   It is rather difficult to undo years of notes and histories so guess I'll have to make that a suggestion too.

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Re: Date/Time text alignment in 2010

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Hello MMac,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. The alignment issue with the Notes and History tabs that the original poster described was actually fixed in the latest update to ACT! 2010. You can find more information and download instructions in KB Article 25996.


In regards to the Notes and History tabs being separated, this was actually a highly requested feature to separate the two when we made the jump from ACT! 6.0 to ACT! 2005. Mainly because History is intended to be action items and Notes to be just additional information regarding the contact. We have had a some users who recently migrated from ACT! 6.0 request that the two tabs be combined again, but I have not heard of any future plans to do so.

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Greig Hollister

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