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Date Merge Field Format

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Date Merge Field Format

I use Windows 7 and Word 2010.  The date in the document when created and then saved updates to the future date when reopened.


In creating the template the date field was selected from the Windows Ribbon "Date/Time " menu.  The date format is "MMMM, dd, yyyy"/ October 5, 2019

When inserting  the date using ACT Merge Fields "create date" option the format is "MM/dd/yyyy" 10/1/2019.


1) how  do I change the ACT Merge Field format to MMMM,dd,yyyy., October 5, 2019

2) when using the insert date from the Windows Ribbon how do I set the date format to MMMM, dd, yyyy October, 2010



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Re: Date Merge Field Format

[ Edited ]

You need to edit the template, once open click alt+F9 to show the field formatting  then after the field name you are using add \@ " MMMM dd, yyyy "


This example might help whe  using the birthday field  <Birth Date>

 would be 



hope that helps