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Database unsharing itself

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Database unsharing itself

A problem has arisen in my office where we have one computer acting as our Server and 3 other workstations(Same ACT! Pro 2011 installed on each). It appears that when ACT! is not shut down on the server CPU, that when that system does its nightly backup, ACT! is unsharing itself. ACT! was not signed out of last night, we came into the office today to find that all of the workstations were receiving the following error :


"Cannot find database supplemental files folder Advisor36Std - database files in the location "XXXXX". This could be a problem with the share, or the folder may not exist. Please contact the administrator of your database."


The problem was corrected by going onto the host computer (server) and sharing the database again.


We previously made not changes to sharing permissions.


Any experience with this?

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Re: Database unsharing itself

If you are not synchronizing data, is there some reason that the ACT! program is being left open?


In any case, the standard backup on the server/PC cannot successfully backup the ACT! database because the SQL SA password is not exposed.


I would suggest configuring the backup software to entirely skip the folder containing the ACT! database and supplemental files folder.


See if that alleviates the issue...