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Database sync

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Database sync

Hi all,


I'm hoping to find a solution to this one:


With the help of the tech-support team (which was free for 30 days) I set up Act! On my small network of 4 computers.

The support team set up three of the computers to sync any database changes with a designated main computer, which happens to be a laptop.

Now this laptop has to go on vacation and I need the computers to sync with a different computer (Which is already in the network, running act and still synchronizing with the wayward laptop).


Do you know how I make my computers sync with another computer?


I'll appreciate any tips.






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Re: Database sync

1. sync all.

2. for now create (save as) new database on any other computer.

3. open the new databse, create remotes, install the remotes on the other computers.

1/2 hr at most


when u get back.

1. sync all databases.

2. save as on your laptop.

3. create remotes for other computers. good to go.



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