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Database "corrupted" - Can I change the "Create Date Field"?

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Database "corrupted" - Can I change the "Create Date Field"?

I'm running ACT! 2010 12.0.409.0 HF4


My database has approx 750 contacts.


I'm experiencing some really odd behaviour throughout the application. For example, many preferences (window startup positions, ring alarm preferences etc) are not persistant when I restart the application. Another oddity is no tasks are shown in the task window unless I click "select user" and then cancel.


In addition, lots of print templates don't work properly.


I spent about 3 hours on the phone with ACT tech support, during which I deleted the preferences files and recreated them, hacked the registery in many different ways and generally pulled my hair out!


Their conclusion was the problems were due to a corrupted database so we went through all the database maintenance options, including rebuilding the schema etc.


One of the items we identified as a possible cause was that the create date for about 200 of my contacts is 05/01/2013. This is probably a hangover from when I upgraded the database from the ACT "native" format to the SQL format (the database started life with ACT! 3!!!)


To try to resolve that, I saved an empty copy of the database and imported my contacts from the original database. However, the corrupted CreateDates all remained as 05/01/2013.


At that point, it was 17:45 and the poor Tech Support guy gave up - He had already stayed on an extra 45 mins trying to solve the problem!


So, is there any way, and I'm guessing that it would be with an SQL hack, that I can change the create dates or am I destined to spending many hours re-typing in 400 odd contacts and losing all the history etc?






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Re: Database "corrupted" - Can I change the "Create Date Field"?

Check you personal messages, use the link in the upper right corner of the screen.
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