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Database info

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Database info

Hi! My laptop recently crashed and I have sent it off for repair. I do have the hard drive with the database info from my Act on that laptop.  I have installed act 2011 onto another computer but I have not had any success with Act recoginzing/opening and restoring my database.  It is urgent that I get access to my contacts and I am at a loss! Can someone help me with directions please? Thank you in advance! Kali

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Re: Database info

Do you have a backup of your database on the drive (in the Act Data|Backup folder)?

Mark Rogers
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Re: Database info

It seems that you are saying that the ACT! database is on the hard-drive of the PC you shipped out?


In what way have you attempted to access your ACT! database from the old  drive using the new install of ACT! 2011 on another PC?


If you have a back up of the database, the simplest thing would be to do a Restore As to install the database on the PC that now had ACT! 2011.


Barring that, then you need to copy the database from the old hard drive - be sure to get the <MyDatabase>.adf, <MyDatabase>.alf and the <MyDatabase>-databasefiles folder (where MyDatabase = the actual name of your database) - to a folder on your new/interim machine.


After the copy, then open the adf file from withing ACT! using Open Database and changing the file type from pad to adf.


This will cause ACT! to verify and connect the moved database and as long as it is not corrupted, will open fine.